Yes We Can Video - Barack Obama Speech

Yes we can...

Because nobody wants to sit there and collect food stamps. The poor and rich of America both work hard, and are good people. There are some lazy people but most poor people are working hard to get out of poverty.

Obama's plan is to cut tax for the middle class. Only those making $250,000.00 or more per year will see tax raises.

Good luck and God bless America!

Know More About Your Date

I never tell my date where we are heading most of the time. One time, I didn't have a real plan where we are really going. While driving, I saw several high-end real-estate developments on the side of the road and of course I noticed a large catchy billboard that caught my attention and eventually see what's going on.

Me and my date was taken by the real estate agent to their gorgeous model house. The moment we entered the house both our jaws dropped with its beauty and interior decoration, it was so right. It made me feel, "this is the kind of house where we will build our family."

While scanning the rooms and all the amenities me and my date started talking about our past...our wonderful years when we were still a child and our aspirations in life. I felt like no pretension are going out of our tongues and many more interesting things to discuss. Then I realized that looking at homes is a great way to encourage an organic conversation about what you want and how you see your lives unfolding with your girlfriend especially with your plan-to-be partner in life.

Thoroughbred Racing

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What Music Do You Listen To While Diving?

I spent my adolescence listening to the 80's new wave music. This era introduced the experimental music videos from various bands. If I can remember right, the videos they play are like the ones in mp3 players in our desktops. I got a couple of new wave songs compiled in a CD which I listen to especially on long drives. It never fails to give me a smile every time I reminisce the good old times during the mid to late eights.

The eighties music have a very distinct and nostalgic sound, they seem to be the transformation from the rock genre to alternative music of the early 90's.

New wave 80's music will have a place in my heart and I feel that most of the greatest songs of the eighties was so intimately written by the artists and so personal.