Tiger Woods - "The Greatest Closer in History"

Professional Career

After announcing the famous line "Hello World," Tiger Woods turned professional in August 1996 and singed multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with Nike and Titleist. The world was not disappointed after and so are his sponsors.

Dubbed as "the greatest closer in history." Tiger Woods currently holds 65 PGA Tour titles. He's third on the most number of PGA Tour wins in history next to Jack Nicklaus collecting 73 and Sam Snead with 82 as a professional. Tiger, is only 32 years old and still young based on history for golfers before retiring. Tiger Woods is expected to break the most number in the near future.

Notable Wins

-PGA Tour wins (65)
-European Tour wins (7)
-Other professional wins (17)

Most Endorsed Athlete

Woods singed numerous endorsements with General Motors, Titleist, General Mills, American Express, Accenture and in 2000, he signed a 5-year, $105 million contract extension from Nike, the largest ever endorsement deal ever signed by any athlete in history.