Armstrong's 2009 TdF Return, Interview on CNN

Armstrong interview on CNN, Sept 24, 2008

Lance Armstrong Returns to Competitive Cycling

After several days of waiting for the press release and details of his return to competitive cycling. I watched Armstrong interviewed by CNN's Kiran Chetry (watch video above).

Armstrong's Preparation

Lance mentioned, he is riding his bike and hitting the gym. He plans to take off the gym sessions come January to concentrate on biking. Aware of his age by the time the 2009 Tour comes at almost 38 years of age, he said he has "snapped" back mentally and motivated to sacrifice what is required to be competitive.

Main Goal

Armstrong said his aim is to give hope to patients undergoing cancer treatments. He also mentioned raising money to educate everyone about the disease. When asked about the presidential election, where Armstrong is seen supporting John McCain. He said "Well, there are a lot of things that the future president needs to do. I think the president needs to focus on the continuum of the disease all the way from prevention to end of life."

Both presidential candidate pledged to increase support for cancer institutions. Obama even pledged to double the funding at the National Cancer Institute.