How To Become An Alpha Male

What is an Alpha Male

The alpha male is the head of the pack, or leader of the group. In the world of business, they are usually successful. They are the ones who make the decisions and firmly stand on it. The alpha male sets the pace and usually everyone follows. In the community, they usually get the best ladies. So, do you want to be an alpha male? I guess yes. Remember the 1999 movie Fight Club by Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden? Most consider him a good example of an alpha male, well exaggerated of course in that movie.

What Makes An Alpha Male

The alpha male is a go-getter and an absolute risk-taker. He's got the guts and the grit to go after what he desires and we can sometimes assume alpha males are also egoistic in nature. He embraces risks and considers them challenges that need to be overcome. He measures his accomplishments by the severity of the risks that he's taken and takes pride from them.

The alpha male is also self-assured. He's confident. He's not afraid to face new challenges. In fact, he thrives in them. He almost always succeeds in whatever he endeavors because he knows he can and he will do in his mind. Alpha males have programmed themselves to be this way. Not all will like him, well on the second thought, not all will like us anyways.

A good trait to becoming an alpha male is comfortably dealing with people in different walks of life. Although it seems pretty ironic, he know how to treat them well and it should come naturally. No matter if he's your boss, colleagues or subordinates or whoever.

So You Want To Become An Alpha Male

On becoming an alpha male, first is you have to act like one and think like one. Although it does not come naturally to most people. You have to let go of who you were and focus on how to become a true alpha male.

You need to make yourself feel good. Hit the gym and do some weights, anything that will make you confident will make you a believable alpha male. Start with wearing stylish coats, a good men's watch, elegant leather shoes and the likes. As you noticed, to become an alpha male is not an easy task. It is, however, rewarding and it will boost your self confidence if you decide to become one today.


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