How to Save Money on Gas

How to Save Money on Gas Tips

With the continuing increase of price fuels in the world market, motorists are looking for more ways to improve gasoline mileage. Keeping our vehicle in top condition is one of the best way of improving gas mileage, especially on older car models. Today I will be focusing on the driving style to improve the car's fuel efficiency.

A few years ago, we've been introduced to defensive driving style as a safety precaution on the road. I would like to incorporate some of these defensive driving tips to fuel saving.

Tailgate in a Safe Distance

Follow the car ahead of you in a safe distance. Especially on poor weather conditions. The ideal distance on city driving is about 2 to 3 seconds and about 4 seconds or more on fast highway speeds. This gives you time to turn your steering wheel to avoid accidents and abrupt braking of the vehicle ahead. It also lessens the chances of unnecessary braking - which improves gas mileage as well.

Highway Speed Limits

Disregarding speed limits is not only a violation and causes of an accident but also disrupts the traffic and low gasoline mileage. If the highway speed limit is 70mph, stick to about a line below 70 or better yet if the outer lane or the slower vehicle lane is traffic free and you can drive at a good speed don't hesitate to move to that lane. It's proven that slower driving improves gas mileage.

Anticipate the Road

Road positioning is a safe way to exit highways and avoiding unnecessary acceleration - another way to improving gas mileage. I'll give a scenario. On the highway, you are on the inner lane or the fast lane and soon exiting on the next town or probably need to fill up your gas, try to slow down a few hundred meters ahead, see your right side mirror for the incoming vehicle on the slower lane before you make a slow right turn and safely exit. Also try to slow down a bit while on the fast lane, match the speed of slow vehicle, let him pass and safely make a right on the slow lane instead of immediately accelerating and making a right pass to your destination.

More Smart Tips.

Park in a shade. Especially on a hot weather, e.g under a tree. This helps lessen evaporating of the fuel. Also the need of turning the ACU to high - Air conditioning is said to take up 10%-20% mpg.

Avoid shifting above the 2000 rpm. Shift just below this line if possible especially on straight roads.

Use your vehicle's overdrive capabilities always "ON". Overdrive gears are more efficient especially on highways.

Fill up your gas in early morning or late afternoon/evening. It is said that when the weather is at it's peak or when it's hot, gas tends to expand and reducing the gasoline you are filling up.

Fill up your fuel tank to about 4/5 or 80% when possible. This lessens the hassles and more importantly reduces your visit to gasoline stations - which also causes gasoline consumption. Why 3/4? Weight reduction is also a way to save gasoline per gallon.

These are some of the ways to save money on gas. Please do your share to find more tips to money saving tips on gasoline and incorporate them in your driving.


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